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White Dove Releases

The White Dove Directory is a listing of white dove release companies from the United States, and Canada, that are here to serve you, their customer! You can expect to find many celebrations in life for a white dove release through these pages.

white doveIt doesn't matter if you will be releasing doves for a Wedding, Funeral, Memorial, or other special events like Anniversary, Birthday, Grand Openings, Quinceaneras, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, the White Dove Directory is the place to look. Other events that often use white dove releases to emphasize special moments within their ceremonies include Relay for Life, and Race for the Cure, just to name a few.

A white dove release is a versatile service that can turn many ceremonies into something very special. Contact your dove release professional today and book their services for a wedding or memorial, or funeral service ceremony. Are you looking for a white bird release company that fits your needs? Not all dove release companies are the same. See an explanation at: White Wedding Doves.

If you are thinking of releasing balloons, check out BalloonsBlow.org. This is a great site which informs the public of the damages that releasing balloons causes. Our birds are environmentally safe!

White Wedding Dove Releases

White doves released at weddings can be symbolic with a specific number of doves, or it can be a celebration of new beginnings and love with larger numbers of doves. WhiteFantail Display doves have been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries. As white wedding doves soar into the skies with a rush of wings, your guests will be astonished at their beauty. As the birds circle the heavens around the ceremony, they will create memories that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Many dove release companies also offer beautiful white dove displays to go along with their dove releases. A dove display can make almost any occasion even more astounding! Imagine doves set up beside your guest book or adorning the entry way to the chapel. Dove displays make excellent photo opportunities for your guests!

White Fantails on display at a garden wedding. These birds are beautiful but should never be released.

Not all white dove release companies are the same!

They don't do business the same way. They don't all have the same equipment, nor do they decorate the equipment the same. Some don't even offer release equipment at all, just a cardboard box or wire cage. I would like to say you get what you pay for, but that isn't always true. Let me give you a scenario:

You are interested in a dove release for your wedding. You check around and find out there are two companies that can serve your needs. So you check with the first dove release company, see all of the equipment offered, and get their prices. But you want to check with the second dove release company also before you book. This of course is good sense and encouraged. So you call the second company and get their prices and WOW! What a great deal! So you book immediately. Then, on your wedding day the "dove guy" shows up with some birds in a box. Then you realize that you didn't ask some very important questions of the second company.

Moral of the story: Not all white dove release companies are the same! There is no standardized equipment for the dove release industry. Therefore it's very important to wedding releasemake sure you know what you're getting before you book. Shop around! By this I don't mean just check the prices. I mean check their web sites and see what they offer. Look at any release package options they offer as well as the dove release equipment they offer. Talk to the people in person and visit them if possible.

Another very important point is to make sure that you get an experienced handler to bring the birds to your wedding location and set up the equipment. This can be vital to having that stunning white dove release you've always dreamed about! The dove handler should be well dressed (appropriately dressed) and arrive early to get the beautifully decorated baskets set up and in place.

A qualified handler will be with or near the birds through the entire ceremony to make sure the birds remain safe while everyone else's attention is diverted to the ceremonial proceedings. Also, the handler will be able to coordinate with the photographer and videographer so they have the best opportunity to capture that magical moment on film when the doves climb high into the sky for you to enjoy for years to come!

Then at the proper predetermined time the Bride, Groom and the entire wedding party can take part in a beautiful white dove release! This awesome sight will be remembered and talked about by your guests for years to come!

History and Other InformationHand Released White Doves

The white doves that are typically released are actually white homing pigeons. This is the only breed that is known to be reliable returning home once released. They are called doves because all pigeons are known scientifically as "Columbia Livia" or "Rock Dove" and since our birds are white the term "White Dove Release" is just a natural.

Of course, the doves ability to return home is no accident. They possess a natural ability, but there are many other factors that come into play. Proper feed, exercise, training, and proper housing all play a very important role as well. White Doves are athletes and are cared for as such. And like all athletes, they don't just sit around and do nothing until an event comes up. The care and training of the doves is a 24/7 labor of love that most people who care for these birds have in common.

Ringneck Doves are to be used for display purposes only. Their cooing is a beautiful and welcome sound at garden weddings.

Of course you want the best white dove release for that special day! But how can you tell if you're getting a professional for your wedding or just a guy with a box of birds? Here are a few tips! Please go White Dove Directory Home to locate the appropriate link for the state or country in which you wish to find a professional white dove release company to book a dove release for your wedding or special event!