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White Dove Releases

The White Dove Directory is a listing of white dove release companies from the United States, and Canada, that are here to serve you, their customer! You can expect to find many celebrations in life for a white dove release through these pages.

white doveIt doesn't matter if you will be releasing doves for a Wedding, Funeral, Memorial, or other special events like Anniversary, Birthday, Grand Openings, Quinceaneras, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, the White Dove Directory is the place to look. Other events that often use white dove releases to emphasize special moments within their ceremonies include Relay for Life, and Race for the Cure, just to name a few.

A white dove release is a versatile service that can turn many ceremonies into something very special. Contact your dove release professional today and book their services for a wedding or memorial, or funeral service ceremony. Are you looking for a white bird release company that fits your needs? Not all dove release companies are the same. See an explanation at: White Wedding Doves.

If you are thinking of releasing balloons, check out BalloonsBlow.org. This is a great site which informs the public of the damages that releasing balloons causes. Our birds are environmentally safe!

White Dove Releases
For Funerals and Memorials

Skydancers memorial release

The releasing of white doves at funerals and memorials is a meaningful and touching way of commemorating the life of your loved one. A dove release is a very versatile service that can be modified to adhere to many religions or beliefs. The practice of a dove release is becoming a tradition for many people in all walks of life. Doves have been likened to "Angels" and can be released with that very symbolism in mind.

For centuries the white dove has symbolize love, peace, hope, and the spirit of the soul. A white dove release can be carried out using these comparisons as well. Or you may choose to use a Trinity release symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Please go White Dove Directory Home to locate the appropriate link for the state or country in which you wish to find a professional white dove release company to book a dove release for your loved ones funeral or memorial.

Skydancers dove releaseFortunately, you are in the right place to find the white dove release company that can give you the dove release that will fit your wants and beliefs for the funeral or memorial of your loved one.